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Monday, October 05, 2015

Bear With Me

I’ve got less than 10 inches of knitting left on this loop, so if the blog will humor me, I’m going to keep going on this until it’s finished.  I hope to get it finished today, but Mondays are crazy around here, so it might get finished tomorrow instead.  I’m so close to being finished, it seems silly to work on anything else right now!


Friday, October 02, 2015

Oops! I Did It Again!

I warned you that it would probably happen, and it did - I started another Mohair Bias Loop!  This is also ShibuiKnits Silk Cloud, but in Raspberry this time around.  I’ve gotten about 10 inches or so knit already.  Once again, it’s proving to be the perfect project to work on during the day in the little breaks of homeschooling.

The good news for you here at the blog is that these work up pretty quickly, so you won’t be looking at it forever.  The bad news is that I have yarn for three more of these in the stash.  You’ve been warned.

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, October 01, 2015


Last night I finished my Smoke Ring!  The best part?  Max slept through the Kitchener stitch portion of the finishing.  It’s not too difficult to Kitchener stitch with this kind of yarn once you figure out how to keep it from tangling up in its own fuzz.  The problem is that you’re joining such a wide section (as compared to the toe of a sock), so your yarn tail is very long, and it takes over an hour.  That’s a lot for a cat to sleep through.
This is the Mohair Bias Loop, knit in ShibuiKnits Silk Cloud in the Tar color way.  Tar is not quite black, it’s a dark charcoal.  (I think Abyss is the true black color in this line.)  I used all but a couple of feet of the skein of yarn.  At 330 yards, it’s like the yarn is made for this pattern.  There are some other yarns that are also brushed kid mohair around a silk core, like Rowan’s Kid Silk Haze, but they need more than one ball of yarn to make a loop.

I can’t get over how fast this project went.  I’ve got another skein of Silk Cloud upstairs in the stash, so I might just cast on for another one of these later today!


Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Do you remember all those half square triangles I made?  Well, I’ve been sewing them together and now I’m joining them into blocks!  I’ve got about 25 blocks sewn now and I have to have 110 for my project, but I’m getting there!  Once I get them all sewn and pressed (this is currently the only block pressed), I’ll arrange them on the floor before sewing them into rows and finishing the quilt top.  Before I do that however, I’ll have to vacuum my sewing room floor.  A certain very light Golden Retriever likes to laze about and roll and wiggle in the middle of the sewing room floor.  Charcoal and gray quilt tops don’t really go very well with Logan’s creamy hair.


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Loopy Academy, Semester 3, Texture

I finished my Glace Bay shawl over the weekend and got it blocked!  I decided I needed something along the top edge to keep it from rolling, so I added a few rows of garter stitch after finishing the “pleated” edging.  Depending on your yarn, this might not be necessary, but mine was a high twist, tightly spun yarn, that probably made the natural roll of knitting worse.  The shawl photographed in the pattern doesn’t have anything added to the top edge, and it isn’t rolling, so my guess is that the roll was primarily due to my yarn choice.

I knit this in Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Heavyweight in the Big Brain Blue color way.  I used all but about two yards of the first skein on the body of the shawl, so I used the second skein on the edgings.  Both skeins looked identical, and even when they were knit up, I still can’t tell that there were two skeins used.  I was counting on any differences being camouflaged in the textural differences between the body of the shawl and the edgings, but I don’t think that was actually necessary in this case.

After I finished knitting it, I soaked the shawl and after squeezing as much water out as possible, just spread it out over some towels to dry under the ceiling fan.  I didn’t use pins or blocking wires, I just made sure it was spread out smoothly.  The finished shawl is 71 wide by 21 deep, so definitely big enough to snuggle into!

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Monday, September 28, 2015


It’s all finished!  This is 8 ounces of Blue Moon Fiber Arts BFL/Tussah (75%/25%) roving in Rook-y.  I spun the singles on my Kromski Symphony (Giselle) using a 10:1 whorl at 40 wraps per inch.  I plied the singles into a 3-ply yarn on my Majacraft Rose (Arwen), using the jumbo bobbin and flyer.  I ended up with 813 yards of 16 wraps per inch yarn, which puts it at heavy fingering weight, light sport weight.  I don’t have definite plans for the yarn yet, but there’s enough there to knit a Featherweight cardigan.


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Loopy Academy, Texture

I’ve finished the center portion of my Glace Bay shawl.  As you can see, it wants to roll up a bit!  I’ve got to add the pleated edging next and if the top edge is still rolling (which it probably will be), I’ll do something there too.

The center pattern was really fun to knit.  Once I got a feel for it, it was really just a matter of reading my knitting to make sure I was staying on track.  The stitch pattern itself was relaxing to knit and I was able to watch TV easily while I worked it.

I’m using Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Heavyweight in Big Brain Blue for this project and while it’s hand dyed, I haven’t been alternating skeins.  I actually almost came to the end of the first skein as I finished up this central section, so I’ll start the edging with the second skein and any color differences should be hidden by the textural differences.  I did look at both skeins very carefully before I started, and at least in skein form, they looked identical.  Whether or not they knit up that way, only time will tell...

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